Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 1: Ploo RayC Sonii QuarterJade live

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Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 1 is underway, with four teams already eliminated in the event. The Quarter Finals kicked off on 3 March, with North American teams scrapping in the quarters. With the conclusion to the quarters, fours teams remain in the event. Let’s take a look at the story heading into the final stages of the event.

Groups Conclude

The teams in the event last saw action a week ago when the Group Stage action concluded. The result of that stage witnessed Team FearItsSelf and Moczy’s elimination from their groups, whereas Sonii and RayC advanced after winning their respective Upper Bracket Finals.

The team of Sonii was an incredibly dominant draft, featuring a mixture of former League and CS:GO professionals. However, the star-studded line-up ran into some intense competition vs Ploo. The first two maps of Ascent and Icebox ended 13-11, going one apiece. Bind decided the series, where we managed to see the roster’s incredible firepower come out, winning it 13-7 and earning themselves a semifinal birth.

Over in Group B, RayC faced against Aceu, with a banger of an opener on Haven 13-12. But the following map was a different story. Ascent went to RayC with a 13-7 map victory, putting them in the semis.

The Quarter Finals

The stage of the quarter-finals was set when the second and third-place teams from different groups finally met.

The second and third place teams did battle on the 3 March, with Ploo and Aceu battling in the first Quarterfinal battle and Tiffae and QuarterJade in the other half of the bracket.

Aceu started the series with the first map win of the night on Acent 13-6. Ploo, however, bounced back hard, taking the next two maps to reverse the series. Ploo’s team came back hard on Bind, taking the map 13-5 in a tremendous one-sided showing. Furthermore, Split was a much closer match, with hectic rounds all over the place.

On the other side of the bracket, QuarterJade and Tiffae did battle, which was a bloodbath. QuarterJade’s side destroyed their opposition. Tiffae’s dominant showing in the Lower Bracket FInals fell short, as they could not find themselves duplication anymore 13-1 scorelines. Instead, they felt the killing blow from a 13-2 defeat on Ascent, taking them out of the Twitch Rival Valorant event.

Setting the Stage

With the conclusion to the groups and Quarters, four teams head tot eh Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 1 semis. Soni vs Ploo kicks off the semis with a great rematch of the Upper Bracket Finals. As Group B’s sole survivor, RayC defends its group’s honour as they face off against QuarterJade. The matches kick off on 10 March, with the finals taking place on 11 March.

For those looking for more Twitch Rivals action, there are even more Twitch Rival events to come. 

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