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One For All Tier List: League of Legends 2021

One for All Tier List League of Legends
One for All is one of the few game modes that appear every now and then. Here is our One for All Tier List if you wanted a fresh idea for the game. Image via Riot Games.

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All for One is one of League of Legends alternative game mode that features once a year. The All for One mode is typically associated with April Fools Day and lasts for several weeks before disappearing for another year. The game aims to ban champions in a custom Draft mode and then vote for a champion you’d like to play. Once when a team has a majority vote,  the team will play that Champion or a randomly selected Champion from your team’s vote if there was no majority. But with over 150 champions in the game, it can be overwhelming to think of fun, exciting, or good picks for the mode. The aim of the One for All Tier List is to you precisely that. We go through the Good, the Bad, and the Funny, and everything in between.

All for One Tier List Breakdown

S Tier– The place the best Champions for One for All chill in. The Champions that work best with themselves have a high win rate and a high pick/ban rate too.

A Tier – Not quite as strong as S Tier, but very good and crazy nonetheless. In some instances, they might get countered. Just think of those Split pushers like Yorick and Tryndamere go against Malphite or Chogath.

B Tier – The perfectly fine ranking. Nothing about them is too crazy, but they work well with themselves and can bag you games.  You are not going to see these often, though. Just like the A Tier, they can get countered pretty hard. Five Samiras sound good at first but imagine anything that can stun you five times. Yeah…

C Tier – Rather poor, can work or are just not very fun to play.

D Tier – The worst of the worst.

Troll Tier – These Champions range from anywhere in the above rankings. However, you can troll your teammates with these picks. Whether it is in the light-hearted trolling your friends to right out griefing randoms. 


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Click the Images to scroll through the Tiers at better image quality. All Tier List Images via Tier List.GG

S Tier Explained

The S Tier Champions are the most common picked Champions. Whether that is because they are the most fun to mess around with, very strong, or the highest picked and banned.


The Fun

The usual fun champions are on this list, with the likes of Yasuo, Zed, Yone appearing in the list. They are also quite good too. Imagine a world where 5 Zeds ult you, or one Yasuo lands a tornado, and now you have five windy boys slicing at you. As for Yone, five of them have great engage potential.

On the other hand, Talon is finally good at something. Five talons can dive over the wall and play a roam game, one-shotting anyone unlucky. The ult allows Talon to go invisible, too, popping out onto targets to blow them up in one ability rotation and passive AA.


The ADCs

Then there are the annoying poke mixed damage. Miss Fortune can go an AP and AD build, with plenty of inbuilt CC when five of them can put their AOE slow down. Furthermore, her target shredding with the ultimate is great against most Champions in the game. Ezreal is the slippery devil equivalent, capable of escaping even the best gap closer with his E, and the AP build blowing people up with his ultimate. In contrast, AD builds naturally wither opponents away.  Just like in our ARAM Tier List, Kai’sa is another solid mixed dagame ADC, meanwhile one of the best Champions in the game right now anyway.  

Finally, Senna is the other ADC on the One for All Tier ListS ranking. Her healing, poke, and eventually, long-range scaling will have five snipers chunking any enemy comp by the end of the game before they even get in range.


Mages and Supports

Then there are the obnoxious supports like Blitzcrank and Seraphine. Five hooks coming at you, followed by a never-ending amount of CC makes Blitzcrank reasonably offensive. Full AP Blitzcrank may even one shot you with his R. Seraphine remains a pain even in this game mode, as her healing, shielding and CC are all ridiculous when stacked on top of each other. 

A few mages make this list, too, with the likes of Zyra, Brand, Ahri and Heimerdinger up here. The plant squad of Zyra and the robo brain Heimerdinger are good. Imagine all those extra damage threats you have to deal with, with each of them having ways to poke and team fight well. Brand and Ahri are a bit different with their natural pick, engage, teamfight, and burst potential. Add in an Everfrost here and there, and five of either of these two are surprisingly self-sufficient.


Top Laners

As for the Top Laners making the S Rank, these are the ones who can dish out enough damage before they end up dropping. Garen can just run at you, with the odd full AD Garen destroying enemies while the tank Garens sit on your head silencing you. Then there are five justices executing their enemies. 

Darius maintains to be a kryptonite of almost every player in the game, with the huge execute potential, self-healing and Stridebreaker making them even stronger than normal.

Meanwhile, Dr Mundo just stacks health and never dies while slapping almost everyone with his Cleavers, Head Buts, and passive burning. 

Lastly, Setts are the chaos of the top laners. Everyone is going to feel like they are in a wrestling ring when Setts get around to tossing everyone all over the place. Regardless, the innate shielding of all the Setts are very good, with the Punch doing plenty of damage to any Champion in the game. 

The Troll Tier

We are skipping explaining most of the champions in other tiers as we’d be here all day. So here we are going straight to the Troll Tier, the most interesting Tier of this list. The Troll Tier belongs to those who can cause the most mayhem to your teammates.


Meme Potential is the reason why they are Troll Tier Champs

Ziggs is the best example of Troll Champions as every Ziggs interacts with the same Satchel Jump mechanic. If you wanted to, you could force an ally Ziggs forward with your W, sending them to almost certain doom. Nevertheless, Ziggs is an amazing Champion for AFO with lots of disengage tools, poke, and burst damage if played well. It is a Champion worth playing in OFA, but know the power you hold.

Bard is another potential troll pick because of the natural Zhonya’s Hourglass like mechanic. We have all been there before when a Bard player misplays his ultimate and Zhonya’s an ally at the wrong time. Now imagine that with another four potentially bad Bard players… Regardless, Bard can do some good stuff with Everfrost’s added CC, supporting playstyles, damage builders, and on-hit players.

Gragas is a potential troll pick with the amount of ping-ponging you can do with several Gragi ults going off. Think of the distance you can send someone if you all used your ults one after another. Alternatively, how about you ping pong an enemy back and forth because why not? Or think of the bad Gragas ult that sends someone away after you set up a play? Either way, lots of fun interactions, but some that won’t go in your favour.

Yuumi is a Russian Doll in One For All. One Yuumi can go on one Yuumi, who then goes on another; so on so forth. This means there are potentially four guided Qs, with a CC ultimate chain that can go on for what seems like forever. However, the Champion isn’t great on ARAM. All it takes is one Yuumi to die before the Jenga Tower of Cats comes crashing down. Worth the try at least once, but after that, it might be best to avoid it.



Now that you can see what makes a good Champion for One For All, go ahead and mess around with all the different possibilities. There are plenty of S Tier to go to, with even more in the A tier not necessarily explained. If you want to make your own minigames, or to troll your friends, there are champs in our Troll Tier to go for. If none of these suit your fancy, go and look at the A Tier Champs. They are worth noting as they are good in their own way, but don’t stand out anywhere near as much as the S Tier. Have fun, and remember to be creative in one of the most fun limited-time game modes available. Thank you for reading out One for All Tier List.

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