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When is the next CS:GO Major?

The next Major has been announced for October 2021 meaning there will have been a gap of two years between the last and next Major tournament.

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Last year was one of the most confusing years of the modern era and will inevitably go down in history for many reasons; one of those being that we did not get to see a single CS:GO Major tournament for the entire year!

Following the last Major tournament which saw the dynamite Danes of Astralis clinch their record-breaking fourth Major title at StarLadder Berlin, fans have been eagerly waiting in anticipation to see what action would unfold at the next competition.

2020 was supposed to host the ESL One Rio Major, which would have seen the prestigious tournament being taken to Brazil and South America for the first time. After all, South America and Brazilian CS:GO in particular has seen tremendous success on the international stage for several years, and the Rio Major was scheduled to be more exciting than ever.

Astralis at StarLadder Berlin 2019. (Image Credit: HLTV)

However, most of us already know the story, so we will not bore you with the negative implications of Coronavirus outbreak on esports competitions. "We’re not going to ask players and fans to risk their health in order to attend a Major while the pandemic still poses a threat to travelers," Valve said in September 2020.

It has now been revealed that the next Major is planned for October-November this year and will be organized by PGL, with Stockholm as the host city.

By the time October comes around, it would have been two years since the last Major and seven since the tournament has been brought to Sweden as hosts. The last time in 2014 at Dreamhack Winter saw the French Team LDLC snatch the title away right under the noses of Ninjas in Pyjamas, so we expect the Swedes will be hungry for some long awaited avenging on home turf.

The PGL Major Major Stockholm 2021, set to take place from Oct. 23-Nov. 7, will now have the largest prize pool ever at a Major at a whopping $2M USD. Additionally, it will be the first Major to be broadcast in 4K at 60 FPS.

Valve had initially planned an earlier Major for Spring 2021 between May 10-23 but made the decision to cancel it due to the ongoing global pandemic. "We are still disentangling our prior commitments, and currently have both a partner and an EU venue designated for a Major later in 2021," said Valve in December 2020.

The Stockholm Major will go underway at the Ericsson Globe in front of a live audience and will feature never before seen additions for fans to indulge in such as innovative Augmented Reality elements, brand new custom HUD and more.

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