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NRG unveils $10 million “gaming fantasy factory”

The North American Esports organization revealed its extraordinary gaming facility, based in the heart of Los Angeles. The entire facility covers 20,000 square feet and has been dubbed, “the Gaming Fantasy Factory”.

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The latest esports organization to show off their state of the art, brand new, giant gaming facility is none other than NRG, a North American based esports org founded in 2015 and based in LA.

The team was founded by Sacramento Kings co-owners Mark Mastrov and Andy Miller, and features the likes of former pro sports stars Alex Rodriguez, Shaquille O’Neal and Jimmy Rollinsw as investors. With huge figures behind their incredible management, it comes to no surprise how giant and expensive their new gaming facility is.

According to their announcement YouTube video, which gives a full tour of the colourful and wacky complex, the “Castle” is a “creative studio made specifically for the creation of over the top and viral gaming content”.

The video also invites the viewer to aliken the facility to the world of gaming’s equivalent to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory from Roald Dahl's famous children’s novel. It is based around comfort and is there to provide the teams and pro players with both a relaxing environment and one that they can let completely loose in.

I say this because, not only does the Castle feature remarkable custom made architecture, water fountains that spout energy drinks and giant robots, but it is also fitted with a “rage room” which lets players obliterate old devices to relieve frustration from an unfavorable gaming session.

The "rage room". (Image Credit: NRG Esports)

As well as this, NRG’s multimillion dollar investment has also been designed as a place for players and creators to have a space to work on content, but the org also wants it to be a place where collaboration around gaming is a focus.

This means that the doors are not just open to those who are under the banner of NRG, but also other content creators, athletes, musicians and celebrities who want to use the space to create ‘incredible gaming content’.

During the year, NRG has not been only the org to introduce the world to a multimillion dollar gaming facility. 100 Thieves, TSM and Team Liquid have all revealed brand new, enormous compounds for their teams of the same magnitude as the Castle’s; but the difference being that NRG’s version is less “professional” in appearance and is definitely there to stand out from the rest.

(Image Credit: NRG Esports)

The design is incredibly unique and being given the name “Gaming Fantasy Factory”, it is quite clear why this name has been chosen, due to the architecture of the facility. It has a distinct look and is certainly a statement to showcase to the esports industry just how seriously they want to take competitive gaming, by how much they are willing to invest.

Of course, there has also been room allocated for sophistication with the likes of its sleek meeting room, demonstrating the line between how fun a career in gaming can be for a player, alongside the business side of the esports industry.

(Image Credit: NRG Esports)

With a huge announcement like this, be sure to stay posted to NRG’s social media accounts as we are sure there will be more exciting news to follow.

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