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How to check how much you have spent on League of Legends

If you were wondering just exactly how much money you have spent on LoL, Riot has an integrated feature on the League of Legends official website that allows you to check.

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Hopefully you have not spent as much as this particular user... (Image Credit: Reddit)

As with most free to play video games, there has to be some ways in which the developers can make some money back. After all, this industry is one giant business and everybody has responsibilities, bills to pay or families to look after.

Whilst League of Legends is free to download for anybody who wants to endeavor into the world of Runeterra and test their skills against the harshness of Summoner’s Rift, there are now several in-game purchases that are available to players to spend their own money on.

The most popular of these items is, of course, those vibrant and flashy new skins for your favorite champions. Riot makes a ton of skin sales alone, which would explain the sheer amount of effort that has been put into the manufacturing of brand new skins over the past few years. The animations, colour schemes and designs just seem to be getting better with each year that passes.

As well as those skins, you can also spend real money on battle passes, the Hextech or loot crafting system, and even the exclusive prestige skins that are polished with the signature prestige gold colour.

Any real money that you spend translates to the in game currency that is needed to be spent in the shop, Riot Points. This has always been the case for the game and the Riot Points system is as old as League itself.

To check how much money you have wasted, I mean spent on League of Legends, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:



Bear in mind that this feature only works for one account per region, so the figure that appears will only be for the account that you’ve logged into. For any other accounts, you must repeat the process and use the necessary log-in information in order to gain access.


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