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As many as 35 more pro CS:GO players have been issued with competitive bans of up to 5 years by the Esports Integrity Commission, following a joint ESIC and ESEA investigation which unearthed several breaches of the Anti-Corruption Code in domestic Counter-Strike competitions.

The next Major has been announced for October 2021 meaning there will have been a gap of two years between the last and next Major tournament.

According to new viewership statistics from the Stream Hatchet report, League of Legends dominated the esports industry for 2020, proving once again why it is the undisputed king of modern esports.

The North American Esports organization revealed its extraordinary gaming facility, based in the heart of Los Angeles. The entire facility covers 20,000 square feet and has been dubbed, “the Gaming Fantasy Factory”.

Nothing has been confirmed by Riot Games yet, but a video posted on YouTube and a user on Reddit have suggested there might be a new champ teaser in the preseason 2021 poster.

If you were wondering just exactly how much money you have spent on LoL, Riot has an integrated feature on the League of Legends official website that allows you to check.

New data from CashNetUSA’s Saving Spot revealed statistics on estimated incomes for various big names on Twitch for 2020, and Pokimane came on top in the female category, surprised? We’re not.

With season 10 officially ending on November 9 and with the game currently in preseason, League fanatics are already looking ahead to the next season.

The drama surrounding the South Korean esports organization continues and takes a dark turn as LS is forced to deactivate his Twitter following abuse from fans.

This year’s highly anticipated All Star Event for League of Legends will be returning next month, but will be fully online.

The latest Champion in League of Legends and newest addition to virtual pop group K/DA has had an underwhelming impact since her arrival to the game a week ago, with subpar win rates.

The technology company is partnering with Treyarch to include the latest instalment in the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise with any purchases of the newest series of RTX graphics cards.