Riot Games deploy LoL Hotfix for Patch 11.5

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Riot Games has announced a lol hotfix is coming for the recently dropped Patch 11.5. The hotfix aims to address launch issues with Pyke’s recent balancing and an update for Serpents Fang as the item was not correctly working on abilities.

Patch 11.5 launched on Wednesday, 3 March, bringing a list of changes aiming to balance some over nerfed or slightly strong champions, which changed some roles around Shaco and Pyke. Items were thrown in the mix, too, with situational items getting a touch up to make better alternative builds.

However, the patch shipped with some unfortunate side effects. Pyke‘s new passive gaining lethality when near two enemy champions were not applying correctly. This meant that the changes to Pyke left him unintentionally weaker.

Besides, Patch 11.5 broke Serpent’s Fang slightly. The item was supposed to apply a miniature grievous wound specifically for a shield with attacks and abilities. However, the item was only applying it to auto-attacks. The hotfix corrects the issue relating to the weapons debuff and has gone live.

Azir Hotfix Incoming

Furthermore, there is still one more change left to come. Azir has shipped with a bug affecting his ultimate. His Emperor’s Divide is failing to knock back his opponents from time to time. This is a major bug affecting one of the stronger control mages in the game, along with a major gameplay bug that completely breaks a core interaction.

The bug has been duly noted in the lol hotfix. Champions statistics website U.GG compares statistical win rates for every champion based on the last patch. Azir’s win rate has dropped from a 45% win rate in all ranks to 39%. There is no doubt the bug is influencing the restless so far. 

Mark Yetter has said on Twitter that he expects Azir’s hotfix to drop later on in the day on 4 March. It is likely best for any Azir players to avoid playing the champion until the lol hotfix goes live.


Image via Riot Games.

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