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League of Legends New Champion – Gwen, the doll

League of Legends New champion Gwen
Gwen appears to the be the new League of Legends Champion connected to the Shadow Isles. Image via Riot Games.

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Riot Games has teased the latest new League of Legends Champion, known as Gwen. Gwen appears to be a split personality champion, which seems to be the AP top laner that Riot alluded to back in January. With that said, let’s take a look at the new Champion and the info we can gather from the teaser.

Gwen's Lore

The League of Legends New Champion, Gwen appears to be the spirit of a doll that was created by her master, presumably Isolde. Her character’s quips talk about scissors and thread, the tolls which her master used to craft her.

In-game, she has a Sewn Chaos Orianna style gimmick going, on albeit more sane and stable looking. Furthermore, we know that the doll’s spirit has some role with the Shadow Isles, as a lore teaser trailer shows her masters soul getting dragged away. Whether Gwen is an evil spirit that took it away is yet to get confirmed.

Gwen’s abilities

While there is nothing guaranteed, her abilities appear to be some form of poke, area of effect and some other burst utility.

One of the abilities appears to be a skill shot, which throws a sewing needle outwards. There appears to be an interaction that marks enemies, allowing her auto attacks to become ranged on a marked target as long as she is stood in her zone.

Another ability is an AOE zone ability. She spans around for just under a seconds, creating an aesthetically similar zone to Camille, albeit much bigger. It doesn’t seem to do all that much other than buff Gwen’s auto-attacks. There also seems to be a feature that makes it immune to CC, or the next CC or roots at least. In the gameplay trailer, she avoids getting rooted by Maokai’s ultimate, which suggests there is some form of CC prevention.

The next ability likely has some connection to her Blue zone ability. The ability seems to drag the blue zone and centres on her new position. This is likely to continue her harassing capabilities with her auto attacks at range.

Another one of her abilities seems to be a dash ability that pokes forward with her scissors. If it lands, it seems the next set of auto attacks do a flurry of attacks, nuking opponents.

Overall, it is unclear what exactly each ability belong to which key. Either way, she seems like a strong character with a unique style of gameplay. We look forward to seeing her in full detail at a later date.

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