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Riot announces 2020 All Star event

This year’s highly anticipated All Star Event for League of Legends will be returning next month, but will be fully online.

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Only a few weeks after UK based and David Beckham backed esports organization Guild Esports announced their Valorant lineup, the team is now looking to follow suit by building their inaugural CS:GO roster.

Guild have employed the help of esports journalist and analyst Duncan “Thorin” Shields, a notable member of the community who has been working in the esports industry since 2001. He is known as the “Esports Historian” for his vast knowledge of the scene, video games, teams and players.

The event will take place from December 18 to December 20 and will feature some of your favourite pro players, streamers and content creators. Due to the online nature of the tournament, the competition will feature a new format divided into two stages: Underdog Uprising and Superstar Showdown.

Underdog Uprising on Friday, December 18th will be a ‘packed day of head-to-head matches between neighboring regions, with smaller regions aiming to upset their nearest powerhouse’, with teams being made up of top pros as voted by fans.

Superstar Showdown on the following days of December 19th-20th will feature three ‘superteams each from the LCK, LCS, LEC, and LPL. LCK and LPL who will take the virtual stage on Saturday, while the LCS and LEC will play Sunday.’

As the tournament will be played from the homes of competitors, Riot have tried to pair those who are geographically closer together to minimize the effects of regional differences, ping, and to ensure the overall quality of the competition is not compromised.

A special Red Bull 1v1 Competition will also take place within the four bigger regions of the LCK, LCS, LEC and LPL. The 1v1 competition is always action packed with the crazy and unique plays from the best League players in the world, so fans will not be disappointed in that aspect.

As like every year, LoL 2020 All-Star teams will be chosen by the fans. This year though, you won’t be region locked to your home region. You’ll be able to vote for one pro in each role from all regions.

Voting is expected to open up on November 9 and will run until November 16. We will update this once the All-Star teams are confirmed.


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