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LCS roster moves heading into the 2021 Spring Split

Stay up to date with roster changes moving forward towards the start of the 2021 season.

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The League of Legends World Championship has concluded, the LCK’s DAMWON Gaming have been crowned champions for 2020 and LCS representatives have still failed to make an impact on the international stage.

It just seems to be somewhat of a curse now for the LCS and North America, as a whole. Considering the LCS’ reputation as one of the world’s best and most developed, as a region, North America seriously underperformed at this year’s competition and had some of their worst performances ever.

Everything just seemed off for NA teams; not a single one out of the three made it out of groups with Team Liquid, FlyQuest and TSM all being eliminated before the quarter finals. Furthermore, the region’s first seed and champions of the 2020 Summer Split TSM, had their worst run at the competition in their history.

TSM at the League of Legends World Championship last month. (Image Credit: TSM)

TSM did not win a single game. Yes, that’s right, TSM lost every single one of their matches and exited the tournament in humiliating fashion, with nothing but a 0-6 record to show for. And, to top it off, their superstar and longest serving member on the team, Bjergsen announced his retirement following another disappointing display at Worlds.

It is not entirely clear why one of the world’s biggest regions fails to make an impression at the international stage, year in and year out. Although, for the most part, competitive League of Legends and Worlds superiority has been in the hands of those teams on the other side of the world in the East, at least Europe have one title under their belt in the form of Fnatic's triumphs in Season 1.

The same just cannot be said for NA however. They have never won the competition and have not really even gotten close to being in the title run; the closest the region got was indeed in Season 1 when TSM placed third and in Season 8 when Cloud9’s impressive run was cut short once again at third.

But failing to make a finals in ten years that pro League has been played for is not a good record to have for the LCS and things certainly need to change.

With that being said, here are all of the LCS roster moves that have been confirmed ahead of the 2021 season so far.

100 Thieves

100 Thieves has not announced any changes for the 2020-2021 offseason so far.


Aug. 10 - After ending the 2020 LCS Summer Split in ninth place, CLG parted ways with head coach Kim “SSONG” Sang-soo and division coach Weldon Green.


Sept. 14 - Cloud9 said goodbye to head coach Repeared, who had originally joined the team in May 2016.

Oct. 19 - Top laner Licorice announced he would not be playing under Cloud9 in 2021. The same day, Cloud9 announced it would be parting ways with assistant coach Jung “RapidStar” Min-sung.

Oct. 30 - Riot Games’ Global  updated to list former Cloud9 Academy player Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami as the LCS team’s starting top laner.

Nov. 2 - Cloud9 officially promoted Reignover to the role of head coach.


Oct. 22 - Dignitas confirmed Dardoch will return as the team’s starting jungler for the 2021 season.

Oct. 28 - Dignitas said goodbye to head coach Thomas “Thinkcard” Slotkin.

Evil Geniuses

Oct. 20 - Evil Geniuses parted ways with Head Coach Heo “Irean” Yeong-cheol.

Nov. 4 - Evil Geniuses acquired former MAD Lions head coach Peter Dun.


FlyQuest has not announced any changes for the 2020-2021 offseason so far.

Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians has not announced any changes for the 2020-2021 offseason so far.


Aug. 30 - Immortals released Assistant Coach Adrien “GotoOne” Picard as well as veteran top laner sOAZ, AD carry Altec, support Gate, and mid laner Eika after finishing the Summer Split in last place.

Nov. 6 - Goh “Jensen” Quian Sheng and André “Guilhoto” Pereira Guilhoto joined Immortals as head coaches.

Team Liquid

Oct. 23 - Team Liquid parted ways with assistant coach Croissant.


Oct. 24 - Bjergsen retired from professional play and announced his move to the role of head coach for TSM.

Nov. 1 - Top laner TF Blade entered free agency.

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