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How to log out of League of Legends

Fairly straightforward, but some of us still need a reminder.

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Despite the unforeseen circumstances and events of the global pandemic that struck earlier this year, 2020 was another successful year for Riot Games and their most prized possession, League of Legends.

Riot and the League of Legends community recently celebrated the game’s 10 year anniversary in 2019, and the milestone was commemorated with a ton of new features and announcements made by LoL’s developers. 

Before 2019, Riot’s only contribution to the gaming industry was League of Legends and the company was thriving each year off the bat of their single MOBA game that is now arguably the most popular online video game on the planet.

At present, LoL has an average monthly player count of 115 million and a peak of 50 million. The numbers do not lie; League has an astronomical fanbase of dedicated players and an active ecosystem. Not to mention, LoL esports is also the most popular by viewership and has been breaking viewership statistics records for years.

To play League, you will need to download the game client which gives you access to the game and all of its content. From ranked games, to purchasable loot and champion upgrades, everything in LoL is coordinated from the client. It is a small download and runs very smoothly, most of the time.

You may encounter the odd issue here or there, but this is natural and quite normal for any video game. There will always be bugs and other issues that surface as a result of the sheer volume of players who could all be playing simultaneously, on a given occasion.

League is available for both Windows and macOS systems and the method to logging out from your account is the same, irrespective of which operating system your computer uses.

How to log out of League of Legends client

To log out of the League of Legends client, all you need to do is follow these simple steps. 


  • Open League of Legends Client on your Windows or iOS system.
  • The League of Legends window will open up. On the top right corner of the client, you will see an option either to minimise or close the client.
  • Click on the close ( X mark ) at the top right corner of the window.
  • A confirmation pop-up box will open with two options, Exit and Sign Out. Select SIGN OUT to logout of the League of Legend client or select EXIT to logout and shutdown the client as well.


  • If you have selected the remain signed in option while logging in, choose SIGN OUT to logout. Clicking on exit will not log you out of the client.

Why is it important to log out?

Now that you saw the different ways to log out of League of Legends, let’s look into why logging out if an application is essential and what happens if we don’t.


If you are using League of Legends via a public system, then not logging out will pose as a potential threat to you. Anyone can misuse your account information, currencies, can read your messages, or impersonate you. Your account also contains information about your e-mail id, which someone else can access and misuse.

It’s not just about public systems. It is better to logout and be safe even when using a personal system. Sometimes we lend out the system to others who could potentially misuse our data. Even worse, personal laptops or systems could get stolen and misused.


So the next time you are done playing, remember to log out!

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