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How to get blue essence League of Legends

Here is our guide on the best ways to farm Blue Essence in League of Legends.

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What is Blue Essence?

Whether you are a veteran of the game or a new player, you should know what Blue Essence is as it is one of the core fundamentals of League of Legends. 

Blue Essence is one of the two primary currencies that is used by players in the game to purchase and unlock various content, ranging from new Champions to Champion Mastery upgrades.

The system was originally introduced at the beginning of the season in 2016 as an alternative method to purchasing content to IP, or Influence Points. IP was the former currency that was awarded to players after games and was used primarily to purchase new Champions, and the two currencies were merged on patch V7.22 shortly after.

A view of the old client with the icon for Influence Points or IP displayed next to the cursor on screen. (Image Credit: YouTube)

The IP currency was pretty much abolished after this time and Blue Essence remained as its successor. It almost seemed as if Riot wanted to completely redefine the ways in which players were able to accumulate in-game wealth that could be used to unlock new content. 

Back in the days of IP, the system was very simple. There was no such thing as Hextech Crafting, disenchanting, Champion Capsules or Shards. The more games you played, the more IP you earned, and if you had particularly good games where you achieved A or S ranks, you would also get more IP.

Ever since the launcher and client were updated, Riot have been consistently adding new content every season to keep the game interesting and ultimately, to generate more profit for the company. 

Whilst there are technically more ways to get Blue Essence now, the default method which involves playing games and spending no real money just seems to be less efficient, and gives you less for the amount that you play.

However, one thing that players should take into consideration are the implications of the changes that have been introduced to the client over the years. It would have been easier to gain Blue Essence (IP) before because the levelling system was capped at level 30, meaning once you were maxed out, you would earn more from playing games. 

Fast forward to now, you gain a certain amount of Blue Essence from levelling up, plus a Champion Capsule, which may also be used to gain shards which you can disenchant for BE. But, because the levelling is uncapped, it requires more Experience each time you want to level up and this grows at an infinite rate, thus making the grind of earning BE more of a struggle.

Additionally, most of the community of regular players would have been playing the game and levelling up quite quickly after Riot removed the cap, so the fastest BE gains are already behind you, unfortunately. 

What can you buy with Blue Essence?

  • Purchase champions (through the Store, or with champions shards).
  • Purchase additional rune pages.
  • Upgrade a champion mastery to level 6 or 7.
  • Purchase chromas whenever they’re on sale.
  • Purchase exclusive content in the Essence Emporium.
  • Change your summoner name.

How to get Blue Essence

There are several ways you can earn BE in LoL, but the easiest and quickest way is to grind the game and play as much as possible. This is if you do not want to spend any real money on the game. 

Unfortunately, the game has ended up becoming a “pay to win” sort of game, but in a slightly different context. Spending real money allows you to earn BE a lot quicker, as you get more rewards from Battle Passes, for example, which may be purchased by converting real money into the second in-game currency, Riot Points (RP).

With that being said, these are the main ways you can earn Blue Essence in LoL:

  • Level Ups
  • Champion capsules
  • First win of the day
  • Hextech Loot Crafting system (chests, key fragments etc.)
  • Missions
  • Event tokens
  • Honour capsules
  • Boosts

Level Ups

This is the most common and easiest way of getting BE. The reasons for this are that you are given capsules after levelling up, and these capsules have the potential to contain healthy amounts of BE.

Champion Capsules

(Image Credit: LoLBoosts)

Every level after level 5 rewards you with a Champion capsule for leveling up, and these contain the potential to award you with bonus BE. Capsules contain the possibility of unlocking shards which may be disenchanted for BE, as well as random drops of pure BE. 

Levelling up coincides with getting capsules and this is traditionally the simplest way to gain BE. You can potentially earn anywhere between the range of 90-3500, but on average, you should expect to earn 1500 BE from capsules each time you level up.

There are also some milestone levels such as Level 30, Level 40, Level 50, Level 60, Level 75, Level 100, Level 125 and so on where you get a special capsule which gives you even more BE.

First win of the day

This method is also very easy; you get 50 BE for each win after a period of 24 hours has passed. Although this may not seem like a lot, if you play enough games, you have the potential to earn 350 BE per week just from playing. It is a neat little bonus that effectively gives you BE, but we believe Riot could definitely increase the bonus.

Hextech Loot Crafting System

Chests that may be earned by achieving an S tier rank or higher in your games may reward you with a decent amount of BE, but you will need the keys to open the chests! Either way, you are guaranteed to earn at least 960 BE from chests as they always give you Champions that are worth 4800 BE or higher, but the chances of getting Champions from chests is only 20%.

Chests can contain a variety of other goodies such as Summoner Icons, Emotes, Skins and Orange Essence. You can also spend real money to unlock key fragments that will give you keys, if you are like me and have 30 chests with 0 key fragments.

(Image Credit: Dribbble)


When different events are announced by Riot, there are always corresponding missions that can be completed in order to gain a BE reward. These missions will vary in difficulty and so will also give different amounts of BE depending on what the mission is.

Usually, there is always some sort of event going on as Riot are excellent when it comes to things like this. The downside, however, is that you will only have a limited number of missions and once you complete them all, you will have to wait until the current event is over and the next one begins.

Once again, you can purchase the Battle Pass which will unlock even more missions to do and will give you better rewards, which include more bonus BE. This is precisely why I mentioned that the art of gaining BE is “pay to win”, but more realistically “pay to earn”.

Event Tokens

Event Tokens can also be a great way of farming BE as 1 Event Token is equal to 10 BE or 10 Event Tokens is equal to 100 Blue Essence. Assuming you buy the Event Pass and gather about 2000 tokens, you can get 20,000 Blue Essence. 

The only thing is that event tokens are maxed out once you complete all missions during events and you can only exceed the threshold of event tokens once you, yes you guessed it, buy the Battle/Mission Pass.

Honour Capsules

Honor Capsules also have chances of giving BE as they give out Champion Shards and Emotes which can be disenchanted for Blue Essence. You receive an Honor Capsule every time you hit a milestone or increase in Honor Level. Each season, a player may only get a total of 12 Honor Capsules for the 3 milestones per level and 1 level up.

EXP Boosts

Experience Boosts may be purchased from the store using RP, and are usually quite effective as they allow you to ascend the levels very quickly. However, boosts are not very popular because of the fact that you have to buy them with RP. If Riot changed the system or offered the option to use either BE or RP, then boosts could be potentially the best way to earn BE.


As you can see, there are a number of ways you can earn BE but the recurring theme seems to be that you are often limited in the amount you can earn, unless you buy the Battle Pass, which enhances the bonuses of BE you would normally be rewarded with.

If you do not want to spend real money, it is still possible to earn BE, but the process will take a bit more time and so will require some patience. If you were fortunate enough to have bought most of your Champions during the times of IP, then you are probably laughing.

But the rest of you, the only way you can get BE is by simply grinding the game. Unless you want to pay for boosts, this could take quite some time, especially if you are already a high level, but that is the only way you can get BE for free. 


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