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How to chat in Valorant

Valorant has an in-game feature that allows you to communicate with other players, including teammates and those on the enemy team.

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Almost every online multiplayer game offers a distinct in-game chat system for players that allows them to communicate and coordinate with their party. And while talking to your own team can be fun, there are times when you may need to communicate with your enemy team as well. However, the ‘all-chat’ or ‘global chat’ feature does not work the same way for every IP.

And for people who are just starting out in Riot Games' newest shooter game, there are chances that you aren’t sure about how the in-game chat feature actually works or how you can send a message to everyone in a match. So, here’s a look at everything you need to know about Valorant’s communication feature.

Here are the two different ways you can use to chat with everyone in a match:

Chat to all in Valorant

To open the chat box, you simply press the Enter key. Similarly to Riot’s other IP League of Legends, you need to tap Shift + Enter on the keyboard, and this will take you to the all-chat box where you will be able to chat to all in Valorant. This includes the enemy team as well as your own.

Turn a private chat into global

There is also an alternative way of doing this. All you need to do is Tap the 'Enter' key on your keyboard to bring up a dialog box which can be seen by all your teammates alone. Here, you need to type in the command ‘/all’ followed by the text to turn the private chat into global.


Talking in Valorant

Unlike in League of Legends, Valorant also allows you to talk to other players who are in your game via a working microphone, as it is recommended for those of you who want to effectively communicate with your teammates to win rounds.

This feature is automatically switched on and can be altered in the in-game settings if you would like to switch it off. The feature is also active for those members who are already in your party and you can exclusively chat to party members via a talking system which is separate to those players in game, which is also present in League of Legends.

Differentiating between chats in Valorant

Riot Games has made it easier for users to differentiate between the types of chat available in the game. This can be done by simply looking at the brackets that appear before a user's message.

If a user sends a text intended for his team, the chatbox will have the word ‘(Team)’ written right before the actual message. As for global chats, which are meant for all the players involved in a match, the chatbox will have the prefix (All) before the message.

There is also a third type of chat in Valorant known as Broadcast. The broadcast messages can be identified with the suffix ‘(Broadcast)’. These are auto-generated texts for users that aim to provide them with a range of useful information such as ‘player gun requests’, and the type of weapons a teammate has bought during a particular round.

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