Team Vitality Reveal SCUF as Console Peripheral Sponsor

Team Vitality SCUF Controllers

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Team Vitality has announced it has partnered with controller brand SCUF. The deal sees the Team Vitaitly Rocket League, FIFA, and Fortnite players use SCUF branded products as part of the sponsorship deal.

SCUF is a high-quality controller brand that has been in esports for a considerable time. The brand creates custom-built controllers, deliberately designed for better performance than certified console controllers. The partnership will see Team Vitality’s FIFA, Fortnite and Rocket League players, and a selection of its high profile ambassadors such as Brawks and LittleBigWhale, compete and play using SCUF gaming controllers. Furthermore, the two organisations will also work closely together on collaborative efforts, which both parties will reveal later in the year.

Nicolas Maurer, the CEO of Team Vitality, said: “We are really excited to work with such an industry-leading brand in SCUF gaming who really understands the demands of playing in different competitive environments. It’s great to be able to have our players across FIFA, Fortnite and Rocket League compete with the highest level of peripherals. It’s great to kick off 2021 with another great partner by our side who truly shares our goals and values.”

The deal has interesting implications for the future of console and gamepad supported esports. PC peripheral sponsorships are common in esports, with players on PC using sponsored items. The brand deal could see a huge shift for peripheral companies shiting into the console market. 

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and Founder of SCUF Gaming, said: “Since inception, SCUF has been dedicated to supporting the French esports community by bringing innovation to the competitive gaming controller category. Team Vitality is a giant in French esports and in just a few years, Vitality has been able to become one of the best esports organizations in the World. With initiatives like Vitality’s Hive in Paris, high-quality content, influencer support and unique brand collaborations, this partnership is a natural fit for SCUF and we’re excited to continue our journey sharing our values and passion.”


Image via Team Vitality.

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