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Top Tips to Climb Solo Queue in LoL

Here is our list of general and useful tips that you can use to help you climb the ranked ladder in League of Legends!

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We all know that climbing in ranked queues in League of Legends can sometimes be a nightmare. It may be that you frequently encounter unsportsmanlike individuals, players of a low quality or just straight up trolls. 

Whatever the reason may be, Summoner’s Rift can often be an unforgivable wasteland for those of us who are genuinely trying hard and want to climb in solo queue. But have you ever considered that the reason stopping you from progressing is in fact you? 

Most of us do not like to admit that we could be the creators and source of our own demise because that’s the most common mindset across almost every gamer. It’s called gamer’s pride and sometimes needs to be cast to the side in order to truly understand why you are failing to ascend the ranked leaderboard.

Of course, everyone is allowed to have bad games and everyone has those days in particular where they do not perform to their usual standards and therefore pose as a hindrance to themselves, and their teams on that day. But there are steps you can take to achieve higher levels of consistency as after all, consistency is key to climbing.

There are also several other factors that can contribute to one’s ascension to a higher elo, such as playing the right champions which could be those who are strongest in the current meta, playing your best champions, roles and always ensuring that you are a team player despite the fact that it is called “solo queue”.

This title should be seen as a facade, as the truth that stands is this: League of Legends is a team game and should be played in that way to achieve the best results. Whether you like it or not, once Champion Select has concluded and the LoL client opens, your game has begun and you have no choice but to try your hardest with the players that are in your team.

If you are a positive influence in game, communicate effectively and with good manners, then there is a high chance that your team will cooperate with you. Team games work off overall team morale and as one out of five members, it is your duty to make sure that your input is nothing but positive.

Even if your team is behind and it seems as if the situation is dire, it is always possible (in most cases) to come back with the right attitude and with the right amounts of cooperation and synergy. Sometimes, if you are too behind then it is much better to save your own time, accept the defeat and surrender the game.

Our Top Tips

Nevertheless, here are a few general pointers that we recommend you to incorporate into your games to achieve the best results for solo queue:


  • Do your best to keep a positive attitude! It’s not realistic to have a positive attitude 100% of the time, but contributing with a negative attitude is the biggest reason for bad games.


  • Try your best not to tilt - again, this is very hard to do but something that is rampant in lower elos. Whilst high elo players do have the capability to tilt, tilting is a lot less common in Challenger because players understand the importance of maintaining a good attitude to win games.


  • Avoid talking in chat if you are tilting or are not feeling in the most positive of moods. As we mentioned before, League is a team game and team morale is superior above anything else, including individual skill. The best thing to do in these situations is to type “/muteall” in the chat, which restricts any form of communication with your team or the opponents.


  • A lot of solo queue players claim that muting all is the one of the best ways to climb and they proceed to mute all before every game. Whilst you cannot type to your team, if pings are used effectively, they can get across all necessary information that is required in the game.


  • Anyone can achieve any rank with any role, but when it comes down to the individual, it is recommended that you aim to perfect one role and have a backup role in the cases where you get autofilled to your secondary. It is not realistic to hit a high rank playing multiple roles as even the pros do not do this, so if you want to see results as quickly as possible, stick to playing one role and trying to master that.


  • Once you have identified your role, we recommend only playing a few champions in that role. The reason for this is because champions in LoL require time to master and because there are so many other champions, it takes even more time to learn all of your champions possible matchups. Choose your best 2-3 champions and play them on repeat; in the case that your best champ is banned, it is always good to have some backups that you are also confident playing.


  • Ping properly! This is always overlooked and something that a lot of players do not execute correctly. In order to ensure that your pings have been noticed, it does not harm anyone to spam ping! It may come across as annoying, but it’s better to annoy your teammate and save their life, than ping once and have your teammate ping you back after they die.


  • With pings, you need to think about the location of your ping on the map. If you are playing mid lane and you are aware that your opposing mid laner is roaming to your bot, then one measly “enemy is missing” ping in your own lane will not communicate any information to your teammates whatsoever. You need to ping on the character models of your bot lane so that it appears on their screen and try to ping a few times to solidify your message; once again, it may be more annoying for your teammates but it is much more effective and your teammates will get over it very quickly.


  • VOD reviews are essential to getting better - this is something that very few people do overall and especially in lower elos. The reason why you are able to watch the replays of your games for a short period after they are over is so that you can use the information from the game and try to improve. VOD reviews are criminally underrated and they can be utilized to analyze both the good and bad things you did in your game. We can guarantee that you will climb if you start watching the replays of your games and critically analyzing them. 


  • Use your leads to the best of your ability - if you are fortunate enough to be ahead in the jungle or ahead of your enemy in lane, then it is vital that you turn your attention towards the rest of the map and look to help your teammates. You may not always have winning lanes and so it is important to use a lead that you have accumulated to help your teammates who may be struggling. 


  • Play under optimal conditions - this includes having good ping/internet speeds, ensuring you are fully hydrated and fed, have a clear mindset and are not playing on tilt. High elo players recommend taking breaks if you are having consecutive losses to avoid tilting. 


  • If you lose 3 games in a row, then it is worth leaving your computer and spending time doing something else, as that burning desire to reclaim your elo back immediately can often have severe repercussions. Try your best to stay calm, take a break and come back to the game once you have mentally reset and cleared your mind.


And that concludes our list of general pointers and tips that we consider to be some of the most important for players who wish to climb solo queue. We cannot stress the importance of staying positive and acting as a team player enough, as these things are fundamental to wins in video games like LoL.

Whilst it is impressive to have individual talent or flair and 1v9 games, this will not always be possible in your games and so it is vital that you learn how to cooperate with your team, especially in those situations where you may not be the carry.

But as always, we hope this has helped and - good luck, have fun and don't be toxic!

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