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The most popular Champions in pro play for 2020

Here is the list of the most played champions in 2020 for competitive League of Legends.

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2020 has capped off another tremendous year for competitive League of Legends, with fans and members of the community even being fortunate enough to have watched the annual World Championship tournament. 

As we all know, outside of the video game industry, 2020 has been a unique year in the sense that the globe was struck with a pandemic that shook the world and halted many major global sporting and esports events. When Riot Games announced that Worlds was still going ahead, millions of fans, including me were pleasantly surprised.

Aside from Worlds, the competitive leagues and seasons were mostly unaffected by Covid-19 and we were still able to witness another extraordinary year of League of Legends played at the highest level. 

Additionally, there were a number of champions who, despite going through a full year of patch updates, item changes and other amendments to the game, managed to hold a solid position in the pro league metas, and this list mentions all of those champions who were the most played in each position.


Without further ado, here are the most popular champions in pro LoL for the year of 2020:

Ornn - Top Lane

It should really be no surprise that this Freljordian demi-God was the pick that stood out amongst all other top laners. Not only did Ornn regularly make appearances in competitive play, but the Fire below the Mountain was also tyrannous across solo queue, in all regions of the world.

Ornn has been the staple tank for the year and has demonstrated the function of a tank’s purpose in the game to the T; his kit has been utilized to the best of its ability, as it provides inherently tanky stats, damage and CC in abundance. 

According to the LoL stats website, Ornn appeared in 64% of all champion selects in 2020 and beyond the ban phases, was picked a total of 1,909 times, making him the most picked champion in the top lane for the competitive scene. 

Ornn also sported a 74% pick/ban rate in all regions during the Spring Split and a 91% pick/ban rate at Worlds. There is no doubt that Ornn was a monster in the top lane throughout the year and for good reason.

He has held a solid position in the meta for the entire year and his prowess was never really targeted, nor was it severely subdued by Riot at any point, which could be why Ornn was such a popular recurring pick for the pro scene this year.

Lee Sin - Jungle

I think it is fair to say that out of all champions in any role, it would just be simply wrong for Lee Sin to not be the jungle pick for the year. The historic jungler is the epitome of everything that LoL is about, he provides the player with incredible moves, has a flashy kit with a lot of damage, coupled with the fact that his skill ceiling is uncapped.

Lee Sin is totally fitting for his position as the most popular jungler this year for pro players and is holding this title for the first time since 2014, wow! Additionally, Lee has sported a global pick/ban rate of at least 15% in six of the last seven seasons, making him one of the most popular picks in the entire history of the game.

Once again, using information gathered from, Lee Sin finished the year by making appearances in 42% of all champion selects and had a total number of 1,607 picks worldwide, well ahead of second and third place junglers Graves and Trundle, respectively. Graves made it into 600 fewer games than Lee, with Trundle making it into 400 fewer matches.

However, although Lee Sin was so popular this year, he was not the most successful unfortunately, and had a strikingly poor number of win rates for a competitive level at 48%, which is not considered to be a high enough number as far as standards go for pro play.

Regardless, Lee Sin is a legendary champion and we believe will continue to flourish for as long as League of Legends is played for.

Syndra - Mid Lane

Syndra is similar to Lee Sin in that she has been around for a very long time and has been utilized by pro players, season in and season out. Her manipulation of deadly spheres has made her one of the most prominent picks and mid lane mages in the history of the game, and 2020 was no different.

She ended the year with a global pick/ban rate of 60 percent, the fourth-highest among all champions on the game’s roster, according to In terms of her dominance over the mid lane, Syndra heavily outclassed her contemporaries, namely Azir, Zoe, and LeBlanc. 

With 1,249 picks and 2,318 bans across the board in 2020, Syndra was the most picked and banned champion at her position, a rare occurrence in professional play—especially for an entire season. 

It should come to no surprise that Syndra was so popular once again. Her kit provides everything you would need for an APC and she can fit into almost any team comp. She has heaps of damage, good amounts of CC and her execute-esque ultimate, to top it all off.

Aphelios - Bot Lane

There has been a lot of emphasis on bot lane for this season, especially considering the dire situation that bot lane and ADC’s specifically were in a few years ago, but this year there have been several marksman that have rose to prominence, with the likes of Ashe, Caitlyn and Ezreal to name a few.

But the truth is that none of those picks truly stood out in pro play as much as Aphelios did. The silent gunslinger only went live a few weeks before the 2020 season started, but was quickly picked up by many ADC players as their premier pick. 

Throughout the Spring Split, Aphelios posted a global pick/ban rate of 86%, the highest in the entire game, let alone the ADC role. And despite receiving multiple nerfs throughout the course of 2020, Aphelios still remained a relatively prominent pick until the end of the season. 

 By the time the season came to a close, Aphelios finished 2020 with a pick/ban rate of 64%, while appearing in exactly 2,000 games worldwide, according to

Nautilus - Support

Nautilus may be likened to Ornn in the top lane, but as the staple pick for tanky supports instead of as a top laner. His presence was certainly felt in both solo queue and professional play and he stood out amongst other viable support picks such as Leona, Braum and Thresh.

League’s premier bottom lane tank finished the competitive season with 2,072 picks this year, according to, easily clocking in with the most in the entire game. Additionally, Nautilus finished with nearly 400 more picks than the next dedicated support champion, Thresh. 

His pick/ban rates were not as high as that of champions like Thresh and Sett, but with well over 2000 in a single year, it is fair to say that Nautilus had a solid position in the meta of pro play and was undeniably the king of all hook champions!

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