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League of Legends’ latest Champion revealed: Viego, The Ruined King

One of the game’s most historic and legendary figures has been announced as a new jungle Champion, set to be released later this month. Scroll to bottom of article to see Viego’s abilities.

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Riot Games has announced the revelation of what will be one of League of Legends’ most legendary figures in the game’s lore; Viego, The Ruined King is set to hit Summoner’s Rift later this month.

As most of us should know, The Blade of the Ruined King has been an item since Season 3 after it replaced Madred’s Bloodrazor in the item shop and it features the addition of various amounts of Attack Damage, Attack Speed and Lifesteal that may be used to bolster some of your favorite champions.

The old Blade of the Ruined King item.

The new Blade of the Ruined King item.

Over the years, many of the game’s players, including me, have pondered on this item and wondered who this iconic blade belonged to and what exactly its significance was.

Well, after months of teasing, we now know the owner of this historic weapon and a bit about his backstory, as much was revealed in today’s (Friday January 8) celebratory livestream from Riot Games for the new 2021 season, as well as a brand new cinematic. 

The Blade of the Ruined King belongs to Viego, who is the uncle of Kalista and is the figure who transformed the Blessed Isles into the undead-dwelling Shadow Isles after his “grief overcame his reason” and led him to attempt and fail to resurrect his wife. 

In the above cinematic, Lucian and Senna are present on a cliff or an island, which appears to be the Blessed Isles, and are suddenly interrupted by a huge wave of Black Mist which Viego eventually spawns out of. 

He attempts to harvest Senna’s soul by using her Mist powers to bring back his wife and restore his kingdom. This aligns with Senna’s lore as she was originally cursed by the Black Mist when she was a child and a Harrowing of undead souls from a nearby wreckage invaded her home island. 

The cinematic also features many other champions from Runeterra, including Darius, Samira, Karma, Vayne and Poppy who are also all tasked with defending their kingdoms and homelands from the perverse Black Mist and Viego. Right before it seems as if all hope is lost, Lucian manages to delay Viego and escape with Senna by jumping off of the cliff.

The video ends with a cliffhanger of some sort, but as we know, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story has already been announced as a separate turn-based RPG game set to be released this year, and will inevitably give us more information on Viego’s backstory.

As well as this, the lead producer of League’s champion teams, Ryan Mireles revealed that there will be three other new champions that will be released as part of Viego’s story. First up will be a top lane Brawler, who is apparently themed after scissors or tailoring. 

Then there will be a “gloomy” Yordle who will serve as an artillery mage in game. Finally, Riot briefly teased a new marksman champion as well, but didn’t share any details except that they might play the role in a non-traditional way.

According to Riot, Viego is going to be a new jungler and his kit looks pretty insane. Luckily for all of us, his abilities were revealed not too long ago…

A release date has not been confirmed yet, but many speculate that we could be seeing Viego on the Rift as early as patch 11.2 on January 21.

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