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Best Wild Rift Champions for Beginners

This guide will help those of you who are fortunate enough to have access to League of Legends: Wild Rift to decide which Champions to play!

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League of Legends’ mobile counterpart Wild Rift has recently undergone beta tests in several countries, with a special invite required to experience Riot Games’ first introduction into the world of mobile gaming.

It is very clear to see from Wild Rift’s gameplay and overall UI that Riot have really put in a huge amount of effort into translating the world’s most popular online video game onto a mobile phone, which includes a compact version of Summoner’s Rift and features some of League’s most popular champions.

The colours are vibrant, the gameplay looks smooth and ultimately, Wild Rift looks awesome to play. When Wild Rift was initially announced about a year ago, I’m not sure if anybody expected Riot to execute such a stunning job of the mobile game equivalent.

As mobile gaming is more accessible to players from around the world, Wild Rift will not be limited to the dedicated members of the LoL community online, so we should expect to see astronomical numbers on launch days of when Wild Rift officially goes live for various countries.

In the event that this is your first time playing Wild Rift and you have practically no MOBA experience, at that point you'll have to take as much time as is needed to get familiar with the ropes. The game looks basic from an external perspective, yet you'll understand nothing is simple as it might appear once you load into a match. A wide range of goals are spread around the map, and each champion will have specific errands to complete.


With that being said, these are the easiest champions to pick up if you are a new player to League of Legends: Wild Rift.


Garen (Baron Lane)

For those of you who are confused as to what the Baron lane is in Wild Rift, it is essentially just the top lane equivalent from League of Legends. Here in the Baron lane, you should expect to find tanks and fighters who are most commonly used to duel in the 1v1 lane.

For the Baron lane, we recommend trying Garen and using him if you are a starting Wild Rift for the first time. As with LoL for PC, Garen is not a champion that requires high levels of mechanical skill and is often used by newbies who are adapting to LoL’s gameplay for the first time.

He retains most of his simplicity and capacity to pose as both a tank and damage dealer from LoL in Wild Rift, so you can expect to play Garen as easily as you would do so in LoL. If you have never played League before, then Garen is still an excellent choice for the Baron lane as his combo is simple, and you do not have to worry as much about the usage of resources, such as mana costs for example.

Annie (Mid)

One of the factors that allows Annie to be our champion for mid lane is the fact that she does not rely on the player to hit skillshots as much as some of the other mid laners do. Most of her abilities are targeted or “point and click” which enables Annie to be one of the easiest champions to master in Wild Rift.

Farming minions and trading against your enemy laner are easy to pull off with Annie, not to mention the absurd amounts of damage she has in her locker.

The only skillshot Annie has to land is her ultimate ability, which summons her cute teddy bear Tibbers and turns him into a giant beast that stuns all enemies inflicted in a given area of effect.

Combine this with her passive stun and you have got the potential to be a nightmare for the enemy team. If you have not already tried out Annie in Wild Rift, then what are you waiting for? Lock in the Dark Child now!

Master Yi (Jungle)

Whilst Master Yi has the flexibility to be built in numerous ways, similarly to the way that he is utilized in League of Legends, and his combos are not difficult to grasp, which makes him even more of a menace than most other champions.

He has incredible mobility and movement speed built into his kit as well as heaps of damage and attack speed. He’s one of the game’s highest damage-dealing champions with his passive empowering his next attacks with 50% of his Attack Damage.

Once you start racking up the kills with Yi, you can effectively take over the whole game by yourself as long as you are smart with your decision making and have calculated when you can safely enter and exit a teamfight. 

As with the ways in which he is susceptible to CC (crowd control) in LoL, Master Yi can easily be stopped in his tracks by the right amounts from the enemy team, so you should look to use your ultimate and run down your opponents when their spells are on cooldown.


Ashe (ADC - Dragon Lane)

The Dragon lane is another name change like the Baron lane, but may be understood to be the Bot lane for familiar users and LoL players. Here you will find your marksmen, your favorite ADC’s and supports.

Similarly to Garen, Ashe is the go-to champion for beginners in Wild Rift who opt to start learning the ways of the Dragon lane. She has everything that a reliable ADC would need; damage, attack speed, good range and a healthy amount of CC. 

Her auto-attack slows enemies while her Enchanted Crystal Arrow (ultimate) can stun the enemy she hits, making it a good initiator for ganks and team fights or can even be used defensively. 

Sona (Support - Dragon Lane)

Sona's nature as a Support/Mage hinges on skill combination, as her "songs" (spells) grant bonuses to nearby allies. Additionally, her Power Chord (Passive) gives both a magic damage boost and an additional effect based on Sona's third spell cast.

Her simple kit provides some damage, healing, a shield and movement speed boost. Use her passive wisely. That extra boost of damage heals, or slow can turn the tide of a 2v2 fight in the Dragon lane. 

Her ult has a wide range, making it easy to aim, however, Sona is considered to be a squishy champion and can be easily nuked by enemies. You’ll need to watch your positioning while playing Sona since she is not tanky and thus an easy target for assassins. 

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