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Best Champion Tier List League of Legends

This list analyzes the best champions to play based on the current meta of the preseason.

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By now, most of us have had enough time to become acquainted with the new changes that were introduced to this year’s preseason for League of Legends. 

Once you managed to get past the newly designed item shop, you peacefully pottered across Summoner’s Rift and made your way to your lane, minding your own business, only to find out that you were getting one shot by every champion on the enemy team, including the support.

I cannot help but feel that whilst the new items have brought a breath of fresh air to the game and have redefined the meta, they have also given the potential for every champion to be completely busted. 

The new items are so strong, that whichever Mythic you choose to build, combining it with the right Legendary items bolsters your champion so much, that everyone is walking around the Rift with a rocket in their pocket. 

There are however (and always will be) those few champions that really get under your skin more so than others; here is our list of the champs we found to be the most frustrating to play against purely because of how overpowered they are.

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Top Lane S/God Tier:

  • Garen - Let’s be honest, Garen is broken and has been ever since his E rework combined with how it procs Conqueror. Simple to play and easy to pick up, Garen is a solid pick to build tanky or with a bit of damage/attack speed.


  • Jax - Although more mechanically challenging than Garen, his combos are not that complicated and he destroys almost every other champ in the late game.


  • Darius - The king of Noxious is a nightmare for almost every other top laner and if placed in the right hands, can win an entire game by himself. Utilise his passive stacks and ultimate resets to play Darius the most effectively.


  • Urgot - A surprise entry on our list, Urgot is a lane bully and also has the capacity to fight multiple enemies at once if ahead, not to mention his ridiculously annoying execute on his ultimate. A bruiser build works best for Urgot combined with knowing when to poke in lane and when to start roaming to help your team.


  • Shen - Despite the nerf to his passive on this patch, Shen is still a terror in multiple lanes and is a strong duelist. New builds suggest taking Domination as your secondary rune and taking Ultimate Hunter, where you should look to be utilising his R whenever it is off cooldown. This is one way you can maximise Shen’s potential. 


  • Fiora - Fiora received some nice buffs to her Q in patch 10.16 and remains an excellent duelist in the Top Lane. It is vital that you look to proc her vitals (passive) whenever possible and remember to use your R when looking for those all ins.


  • Kayle - After a very quiet season 10 for Kayle, she is back to being S tier following the introduction of Mythic items. Building Riftmaker on Kayle combined with the likes of Nashor's Tooth for example, gives Kayle heaps of damage and enables her to hit her power spikes even quicker than before. She is a must pick/ban champion for sure.

Jungle S/God Tier:

  • Amumu - One of, if not the strongest junglers right now. Sunfire Aegis and tanks did receive a small hotfix to balance them, but they are still proving to be OP. The Sad Mummy should not really need much explanation as his kit is very basic, all you need to do is lock him in and you will see the results for yourself.


  • Ekko - A consistent jungler for the entirety of the season, Ekko’s combos and ganking potential are strong, not to mention how insane he scales into the late game.


  • Hecarim - The noble centaur of the Shadow Isles has been a terror in the jungle for the last year and has also seen a lot of pro play recently. Building damage or tank is viable, but we recommend a bruiser build to maximise Hecarim’s potential.


  • Kha’Zix - Arguably one of the most broken champions altogether right now, the nerfs to his Q isolated damage on 10.16 were feeble to say the least. We recommend picking up Kha’Zix right now if you have not already and you will almost certainly climb up the solo queue ladder once you learn his damage outputs. Especially in lower elos, you can essentially 1v9 a game with Kha’Zix once you master The Voidreaver.


  • Graves - Like Ekko, Graves has been dominant not only in this season, but for the past few seasons. His power farming style enables him to become a late game carry who can one shot squishies once he has his items and his builds are also versatile.


  • Kayn - With the option to go red or blue, Kayn is the king of versatility in the jungle and his potential is unmatched. The most important thing with Kayn is knowing which evolved form you are aiming to go for from champ select. If the enemies have more ranged champs then blue Kayn is better, tankier or melee champs means getting red Kayn will be quicker.


  • Warwick - His mobility is matched by only a few, Warwick’s movement through the jungle is paramount to his success, and the utilisation of his passive during skirmishes increases the chances of winning the fight. You can build tanky or damage, but we recommend a bruiser build to maximise Warwick’s potential.


  • Vi - Her ganking potential is excellent with two gap closers; her Q allows you to dash in short bursts while her ultimate leaves you immune to CC. You should always be looking to gank with Vi as this is how you utilise her kit the most effectively.

Mid Lane S/God Tier:

  • Ahri - With Ahri receiving some buffs in recent patches, she is shaping up to be the lane bully, high mobility mage we all know her to be. She is easy to learn and her combos are simple, not to mention how much damage she does combined with her roaming potential. If you have not already picked her up, then do it now!


  • Katarina - We have all been destroyed by a fed Katarina who has 1v9 the entire game. She is a high skill but high reward champ, but requires a bit more dedication to learn than some others. Nonetheless, she makes our list as one of the best for mid.


  • Yasuo - Yasuo is similar to Katarina with his high risk/high reward nature. He is mechanically challenging and requires a lot of games to master, but if you are already a Yasuo main then now is the chance to play him in solo queue to gain some juicy LP.


  • Fizz - Fizz is a stable champion because his damage output is steady throughout the game. He has early kill potential and scales to become a ridiculous assassin, not to mention his terrific mobility. His combo is very easy to learn and farming with his W should make getting high CS numbers easy also. 


  • Zed - High skill/high reward, Zed is the master of the shadows and is responsible for flashy outplays combined with heaps of damage. With the choice of a reliable Electrocute build and a flex Conqueror build, a good Zed player is a nightmare to lane against. We recommend picking him up now if you have not already as he is one of the strongest, if not the strongest mid lane champion currently.


  • Yone - An honourable mention on the list, Yasuo’s older brother is no longer a stranger to the Rift now and has overall received mixed reviews. His early game is quite weak and you should avoid fighting as most mid lane matchups are hard, but once you get your core items, which are very similar to Yasuo’s, then he really becomes a threat to most team comps.

ADC S/God Tier:

  • Ashe - Ashe is a must pick or ban champion in pro play and high elo, and for good reason too. Her utility is excellent for a marksman, not to mention the heaps of damage she outputs. She works well with any support and is very easy to pick up; if you are an ADC main then you need to be playing Ashe right now!


  • Caitlyn - Caitlyn is currently one of the strongest ADC’s. Her base range is the highest in the game and her passive along with W damage/crits is monstrous. She is also quite simple to pick up, for those of you who are looking for a powerful ADC with low mechanical skill demand.


  • Senna - Like Ashe, Senna is a must pick or ban in pro play/high elo right now. She has great mobility and is, quite frankly, a nuisance to deal with in lane, not to mention she can heal herself and her support. 


  • Ezreal - Ezreal is a bit of a dark horse on our list, the gauntlet bearing blonde beauty deals tons of damage with his Q, is extremely versatile with rune pages and has excellent escape with his E ability. He also, of course, has a global ultimate on top of all of this.


  • Jhin - Jhin also has excellent range and has a crazy amount of damage built into his kit and his passive. His crits are some of the highest in the game and with the right build, can one shot squishies. However, his mobility is quite poor and so as a Jhin player, you should look to fight from a distance or have a reliable peeler/support.


  • Lucian - Senna’s husband is also a marksman and an ADC champ. Lucian is, however, more flashy and requires better mechanics to pull off. He received some buffs to his Q and R recently and if utilised correctly, can dictate team fights with healthy damage and outplay potential due to his mobility. The trick with Lucian is to proc his passive as much as possible, as this lowers the cooldown on his E.

Support S/God Tier:

  • Blitzcrank - The king of hooks, Blitzcrank is a player favourite and has a sizable range on his Q, meaning you can pluck opponents from hilarious distances. You should always look to hook squishies or carries, but be careful to avoid hooking tankier champs and those who have high CC or burst damage, as sometimes you could end up putting the enemy at safe distance to execute your team instead!


  • Lulu - Her peeling and shielding potential is unmatched by almost every other support, and with items like Ardent Censer and Athene’s Unholy Grail available to you, you can constantly protect your allies. She is also very easy to play, as most of her abilities are point and click, so we recommend that you pick her up now if you are a support player and have not already.


  • Lux - Lux is an AP support who has excellent numbers on her shield (W) ability, as well as having the potential to one shot enemy squishies with her full combo. The main thing to bear in mind with Lux is, stay far back, poke from a distance and use your Q’s and ultimates effectively, primarily for executions.


  • Leona - Another “hook” type support, Leona has CC for days and can pin down her opponents in frustrating fashion. She is a good duelist, in the sense that she can get right up and close to her enemies and her innately tanky stats means she is an excellent peeler for her allies.


  • Soraka - A bit like Lux and other caster supports, your job as Soraka is to stay far back, build the correct items and constantly be looking to heal your allies. Good map awareness is crucial to Soraka players as the heal on her ultimate is a global ability and can also be used to pick up easy assists across Summoners Rift.


  • Morgana - Her binds are some of the most annoying in the game and this ability to pin down her opponent whilst draining the life out of them makes her especially frustrating to deal with. She also has the ability to dive into the backline of fights as the interaction between her ultimate and Zhonya’s/Stopwatch means the damage and CC pops whilst she goes golden!


And that wraps up our list for the best Champions to play right now. These are just in our opinion and there are definitely other champs who are not on this list that are viable to climb in solo queue. 


Ultimately, it comes down to how well you know your champ and to what ability you play them at. As always, good luck in solo queue, have fun and do not be toxic!

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