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Alpine Esports launches signing Vitality-Renault F1 duo

Hearthstone Drops enabled for Grandmasters 2021 Season 1

Rogue Company PS5: Release Date, Settings, Price

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Speedrunning is an organised, highly competitive and measured form of gaming with millions of fans worldwide and a hugely passionate and dedicated community. So why don't we count it as esports?

The North American Esports organization revealed its extraordinary gaming facility, based in the heart of Los Angeles. The entire facility covers 20,000 square feet and has been dubbed, “the Gaming Fantasy Factory”.

New data from CashNetUSA’s Saving Spot revealed statistics on estimated incomes for various big names on Twitch for 2020, and Pokimane came on top in the female category, surprised? We’re not.

We deliver and discuss the list of the richest players in esports and the most amount of money they have won from tournaments. Some of these players really are living their best lives!

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The esports industry is taking the world by storm and the scene is growing at an astonishing rate.