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Red Bull Flick announced for 2021

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 Teams Finalized

DreamHacK Masters Spring 2021 line-up revealed

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As many as 35 more pro CS:GO players have been issued with competitive bans of up to 5 years by the Esports Integrity Commission, following a joint ESIC and ESEA investigation which unearthed several breaches of the Anti-Corruption Code in domestic Counter-Strike competitions.

The next Major has been announced for October 2021 meaning there will have been a gap of two years between the last and next Major tournament.

A brief discussion on the topic of whether or not Valorant is killing CS:GO. We hope you enjoy it!

The popular esports journalist has entered a consulting agreement with the London based esports organization to assemble a CS:GO lineup.

After a five month hiatus, the Swedish CS:GO veteran has announced that he will be returning to compete with the team at today’s BLAST Premier Fall Series.

The Danish native makes the fifth signing to complete Cloud9 Colossus, the North American organization’s professional European CS:GO squad.