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How to kick yourself in CS:GO

Sometimes, it just needs to be done.

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Have you ever been in one of those frustrating situations where you are playing a game of CS:GO, your team is already trolling and you are losing round after round? 

As with pretty much every online competitive video game in the world that involves two teams clashing to win a matchmade game, players will witness both the glorious days of a flawless victory as well as those days where you just can’t seem to win a single match.

You just can’t seem to get kills or those easy shots that you normally do, you have toxic teammates who are nonstop flaming each other in the voice/text chats and you just want to get out of the game and load into a new one.

Sometimes, you may be left with no option but to surrender the game and accept the defeat, but you cannot account for the rest of your teammates to reach this unanimous decision. Often, most players that you meet online can be quite unresponsive and will not listen to your calls to surrender just because you feel like the game is already over.

There is an option to vote to kick players and you can surrender as a team, but as we’ve already mentioned, the whole team has to approve the decision together in order for action to be taken.

Now, you are never actually being held hostage in a game as you always have the option to leave a match if you really wanted to, but this is never a good idea because leaving a competitive match will always be followed up with by your account getting penalized.

The penalty will include something like a timeout or a temporary ban from playing in competitive queues and your account will be on a cooldown for a certain period of time, so we recommend that you never just straight up quit a matchmade game in a fit of rage.

Since the introduction of CS:GO Trust Factor, the role of your reputation has become especially vital. If you want to get good teammates and opponents in the future (e.g. play with no hackers in your game), you should refrain from leaving matches on your own and instead learn how you can kick yourself in CS:GO; a fantastic loophole to solve this problem!

How to kick yourself in CS:GO

To do so, you should be a bit familiar with the developer console. There is no need to memorize all the console commands as you will need only two. But first, you need to launch the developer console in the game. Press the tilde ~ button. If nothing happens:


  • Open Setting and enter Game Settings.
  • Choose Yes near Enable Developer Console.
  • Then try to press the tilde ~ in the game again.

The developer console is a convenient tool for fine-tuning various settings. Here you can enter a number of commands that have corresponding actions in the game, from simple things such as turning the volume up and down, or changing your FOV, to voting to kick yourself from an unsalvageable game.


  • status - enter this word into the developer console and press Enter. You may see a lot of confusing writing but do not worry. Look for your nickname and copy the numbers that appear just before it.


  • callvote kick [numbers you’ve copied] - this command activates the votekick and the numbers indicate which player you propose to kick. This will be you if the numbers were copied correctly.


The usual votekick will appear on the screens of your teammates. Then it’s up to them to decide whether to kick you or not.

This method of proposing to kick yourself to your team is not 100% successful as once again, it relies on your teammates to agree with the decision to kick you and vote yes to activate the command.

Of course, there is always the traditional method you can try which is to politely ask your teammates to kick you from the game, but this is usually quite far-fetched. However, it is not possible and in some cases, if you are fortunate enough to have fairly reasonable teammates, then you could convince them to kick you from the game.

But, if your teammates are reasonable enough in the first place, then you should just be able to agree to surrender an unwinnable game. The only thing that you cannot quantify is the rest of your teammates’ desire to win, their gaming morals which could include “never surrendering a game”, and so on and so forth.

Next time you find yourself in this situation (it will happen eventually), you could try this method to kick yourself and if you succeed, you will find yourself in the best case scenario. 

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