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Thorin will help David Beckham’s Guild Esports to build CS:GO roster

The popular esports journalist has entered a consulting agreement with the London based esports organization to assemble a CS:GO lineup.

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Only a few weeks after UK based and David Beckham backed esports organization Guild Esports announced their Valorant lineup, the team is now looking to follow suit by building their inaugural CS:GO roster.

Guild have employed the help of esports journalist and analyst Duncan “Thorin” Shields, a notable member of the community who has been working in the esports industry since 2001. He is known as the “Esports Historian” for his vast knowledge of the scene, video games, teams and players.

37-year-old is a veteran in the community and has been a prevalent part of Valve’s famous FPS title for many years; he has worked with event organizers ESL, DreamHack and ELEAGUE as a caster and expert analyst.

He has attended 34 esports events for coverage purposes, in 12 countries over a 12 year span, was a CS:GO expert studio analyst for the Dreamhack SteelSeries CS:GO Championship, considered the first major tournament for the esport and has co-authored two guides to competitive CS.

As well as working as broadcast talent at events, Thorin creates YouTube content, podcasts, and serves as the creative director for Flashpoint - a team-owned league that’s funded by Cloud9, c0ntact Gaming, Dignitas, Team Envy, Gen.G, MAD Lions, MIBR, and FunPlus Phoenix.

“Guild Esports made a splash with their initial announcement and I’m pleased to announce that as they look to enter the Counter-Strike space, where I have been deeply embedded for decades, I have agreed to a consulting partnership with them,” said Thorin.

“I will help them develop their model for building the team and advise on players and staff I think appropriate to aid them in establishing themselves as a significant force in this part of the industry and move towards accomplishing their ambitious goals.”

Guild has been in the news quite regularly in recent weeks. Last month, the org announced a mega three-year sponsorship deal worth £3.6m with an unknown technology firm as well as debuting on the London Stock Exchange, closing with a market capitalization of £41.2m.

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Most recently, the team announced that they had signed their first pro Valorant roster, an all Swedish lineup who were formerly playing under the banner of ‘Bonk’. Guild acquired the entire team and will be competing in Riot’s popular and vibrant tactical shooter.

Earlier in the year, Guild Esports revealed their first venture in esports would be in pro Rocket League and they signed a talented European squad. At a similar time, the org also signed Niklas ‘NRaseck’ Raseck, a world-class FIFA player in a bid to compete in the growing esports of EA’s latest instalment to the franchise, FIFA 21.

Now, with the help of Thorin, who stated he will be building a team that was ‘better than Cloud9’s’, only time will tell whether this proves to be an effective decision for the ranks at Guild. With the tons of experience the man has under his belt, it may be worth tracking the movements made by the London based team.

“Esports is no longer a space where it’s appropriate for either the players themselves to make all of the decisions surrounding who they play with or the business leaders who pay them,” added Thorin.

“As we move into a phase more closely resembling a traditional sports structure with proper coaching staff it is only logical that General Managers in the space build teams to their vision with the help and expertise of those who know the scene and the players they will select from.”

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